Air Systems and Fills

We stock a wide range of Air Tanks from CO2 to Compressed Air.



Air fills available:

C02 $3 or $4 based on tanks size.


Compressed Air $1 per 1000 psi. 4500 psi capable.


Kegerator CO2 Fills 5lb or 10lb $14/$20

(tanks may need to be left for a few hrs)

CO2 Tanks

20oz or 24oz CO2 tanks on hand.  We can special order other sizes.


Steel Compressed Air Tanks

48Cu/3000 Psi or 72cu/3000 Psi


Carbon Fiber Compressed Air Tanks


We sell many different brands. Normally we stock Ninja, Valken, and Empire 68/4500's. We may have other sizes availble.



306A Moravian Valley Rd
Waunakee, WI 53597


Ph: 608-850-5300


Store Hours

M-F 7:30-5:30

Sat  7:30-3:30

Sun 9am-1pm

(Sun only April-June)


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